New ambassador in the AMULET Liaison Office!

i-TRIBOMAT: The European Tribology Centre is our new member in the AMULET Liaison Office. 

Dr Xavier Borras, General Manager in i-TRIBOMAT: The European Tribology Centrentre, joined us as our ambassador.

Short description of the organisation

i-TRIBOMAT: The European Tribology Centre is the world’s first Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB) dedicated to Surfaces Technology and Tribology.

i-TRIBOMAT ensures easy access to widely distributed tribological and computational facilities for all kinds of users (regardless of their geographical location). i-TRIBOMAT counts with five of the leading tribology research centres in Europe as Service Providers, and an ever-growing database dedicated to tribology and material characterization.

Additionally, i-TRIBOMAT GmbH actively works on setting new standards and procedures in the field of advanced materials, surface technology, and tribology.

Our mission is turning your search for advanced materials, surfaces or lubricants into competitive advantage.

More information is available here: