The AMULET consortium, together with the thematic group of experts, will provide educational support in both technical-related knowledge as well as business topics.  The exact topics that will be covered will be selected based on the needs of the SME’s in the AMULET network, and will cover the six lightweight cross-cutting areas:

  1. material supply and development;
  2. characterization and modelling aspects;
  3. design and smart functions;
  4. manufacturing (including digitalization and industry 4.0);
  5. assembly and joining; and
  6. circular economy.

The trainings will combine (online) sessions, such as live webinars, downloadable pdfs as well as video courses to reach a wide scala of SME’s.  These materials will be made easily accessible for a wide audience.

Besides the general technical training materials, also business-to-business coaching will be offered.

In order to successfully implement new products and services at a high market-readiness level, these innovative ideas must comply with certain requirements.  AMULET will hence support SME’s, to start with the winning solutions, with business oriented topics such as IP management and technology transfer, market research, internationalization, business planning, technological surveillance, competitive intelligence, regulations and standards, commercialization strategies and digital transformation.

SME’s can apply for this coaching through registration on the website, and will then be screened on eligibility.  Priority for business-to-business coaching will be given to SME’s directly involved in the AMULET challenges.

The funding instrument facilitated by AMULET will include lump-sump grants and coaching sessions by a team of experts from the AMULET network.