The Advanced Materials & Manufacturing United for LightwEighT

Funding opportunity for the innovation of the European lightweighting SMEs

Manufacturing is nowadays striving for a wiser change into a more sustainable future for post-pandemic world. As environmental concerns become increasingly important to consumers, many market sectors are shifting toward greater energy consciousness and sustainability.

The Advanced Materials & Manufacturing United for LightwEighT (AMULET) project aims to benefit from the innovation potential of SMEs that will be creating new value chains by fostering the penetration of advanced lightweight materials in industry. AMULET will focus on the following three advanced materials: light metal alloys, ceramic matrix composites, polymer-based composites and their implementation in four sectors:

The AMULET organized 2 Open Calls to enhance this innovation potential of SMEs through cross-sectors and funded knowledge exchange. 1st Open Call was launched on 12th April 2022 and lasted until 20th July 2022! 2nd Open Call was launched on 10th January 2023 and lasted until 27th March 2023!

For this reason, the second Open Call selected a Consortium of minimum 2 and maximum 3 Legal entities including exclusively SMEs to lead Bottom-up projects that address the development and implementation of demonstration activities around technology and systems applicable to the 12 challenge areas. The selected consortia will receive up to 120K€ (60K€ for each SME) and Funding and Business training support.

Matchmaking events to build innovative SMEs consortia

The Amulet consortium organized 3 important networking opportunities for SMEs interested in participating in the second Open Call. SMEs were able to participate in three matchmaking events and use the platform to meet other companies to work together on their project.

For more information, contact:

Project Coordinator:
Annabelle Sion (POLYMERIS)
Phone:  +33 (0)6 33 70 06 74


Communication & dissemination:
Agnieszka Matuszak (Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster Tool Valley)

Phone: +48 695 990 147

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Three types of activities will be implemented to foster innovation in SMEs:




The AMULET consortium brings together a comprehensive network of over 1717 SMEs, 341 large companies and 93 universities, research and innovation institutes.

Machine building
Polymer-based composites
Ceramic matrix composites
Light metal alloys


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The AMULET project is a great opportunity for SMEs and for our organisation as well. The CCI Pécs-Baranya supports the innovation aspirations and initiatives of local and Hungarian SMEs with all means in our hands. The AMULET project provides a lot of tools for us, we can use to supprt innovative SMEs: funding for innovative projects, a network of experts, trainings on relevant topics, and much more. Opening to advanced and lightweight materials is also an opportunity for a more sustainable industry. We are pleased to be part of the AMULET project and this moving initiative.
Rudolf Szigeti
Project Manager (CCIPB - SWHEC)

In project AMULET, JSI is dedicated to the support in discovering and delivering technological solutions that empower SMEs in developing and bringing their products to market. Our primary objective is to share our extensive expertise in diverse characterization and testing techniques. Through our involvement in project AMULET, we aim to broaden our network and foster enhanced collaboration with research-oriented SMEs.

Vesna Butinar
Project Office Manager (JSI)

Being part of AMULET is a great opportunity to both create new and share existing knowledge, with AMULET’s partners and network. I am really pleased to be part of AMULET consortium, as we are given the chance to increase our network throughout Europe and share NTNU’s & ASEMlab’s capabilities and training /educational competencies in the field of lightweight materials and structures.

Sotirios A. Grammatikos
Professor and ASEMlab director (NTNU)

AMULET is a great opportunity for SMEs to create innovative projects and to be part of a wide European network of companies of professionals in the field of lightweight. As the Advanced Materials Cluster of Catalonia (MAV) we are excited to be part of this consortium and to contribute to the promotion the lightweight materials and technologies.

Ona Bombi
Ona Bombí
Clúster Manager (MAV)

I am really pleased to act as coordinator for this challenging project and it is a great responsibility for Polymeris. Lightweight materials are key for several sectors and industry, and AMULET can bring a lot of opportunities to European SMEs. It is a great opportunity for them, and for project partners to support innovation development in these fields.

SION Annabelle 1(1)
Annabelle Sion
Project Coordinator (POLYMERIS)

I am Project Manager at FundingBox, which is a go-to-funding platform. Tech innovators, researchers, startups, scaleups, and SMEs, can access easy-to-apply public and private funding opportunities for all stages of their growth journey. As a part of the AMULET consortium, I am excited to work both on the well-known theme such as energy, and infrequent such as aerospace and aeronautics.

I am looking forward to building great results of the project as a result of cooperation with technical partners and researchers.

Aneta Gałązka
Project Manager (FB)

AMULET is a perfect opportunity for SMEs to get financial support for bringing their innovative ideas to TRL7, in close collaboration with end-users. This also represents high chances for establishing future long-term collaborations beyond AMULET. Innovative ideas will target REAL industrial challenges, and therefore there’s a clear and promising route of exploitation. For Research Centres and Universities, AMULET is the perfect scenario for discussing innovative ideas and contribute to increase lightweight awareness. AMULET partners are among the main experts on lightweight across Europe, and is exciting to be part of the process that will contribute to bring the lightweight technologies of the future to a reality.

Ricardo del Valle
Ricardo del Valle
Innovation Consultant (BAX)

The AMULET project is an ideal opportunity to reach out to a wide network of companies in different areas of expertise to bundle their strengths in the challenges that will be dealt with. It is an opportunity to learn about each other’s needs and offers, and of course to find new markets for SMEs products.  Moreover, the SME’s are on the first row to sign in for the educational programmes that will be developed within AMULET, and which will cover both technical and business-wise topics, even individual coaching.  According to me, this is a very nice offer and opportunity that shouldn’t be missed! It gives us, as Flanders Make, a boost within the European landscape, and gives us the chance to widen our network throughout the European countries. 

Isabel Van de Weyenberg
Project Manager (FM)

AMULET is a great opportunity to bring together academia and companies to develop and support innovative projects in the lightweight community. As Clust-ER MECH, we are delighted to support SMEs’ innovation process and the creation of an international network of experts, companies and researchers tackling lightweight challenges. Collaboration is a key word for AMULET and that’s what we experience in everyday work. 

Nicolò Bertolini
Project Developer (MECH)

Being part of the AMULET community is a great opportunity to create innovation, new value chains and participate in the training and educational program. As the Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster team, we are happy to be a co-creator of this project and invite our members to cooperate with other entities from whole Europe. We keep our fingers crossed for all SMEs that will take part in the project and will benefit from the support offered.

Agnieszka Dąbrowska
Innovation Broker (BIC)

IMAST is proud to be an active member of the EU H2020 AMULET project, which is supporting the growth and internationalization process of over 50 European SMEs operating in the aerospace, automotive, construction and energy sectors. The SMEs that joined the AMULET support program had both financial support to develop a real prototype, increasing the TRL of their solutions for faster entry into the market and the opportunity to interact directly with potential customers (challenger givers).

Marco Barile
Cluster Manager (IMAST Scarl)

Participation in the AMULET project is crucial for our research cluster as it gives us the opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation in key industrial sectors
such as the automotive, aerospace, energy and building industries. By working with large companies and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in small consortia,
we can pool our expertise to jointly tackle technological challenges and develop innovative solutions.
AMULET offers a unique opportunity to further develop our knowledge in this project form, forge new partnerships and actively shape the future of the lightweight construction industry.

Katharina Götz
Research Assistant Chemnitz University of Technology


Elca Network

European Lightweight Cluster Alliance (ELCA) is a collaborative initiative from which the AMULET project originates that aims to accelerate the adoption of lightweight materials in strategic industries. Mobility is the primary focus of the alliance, but applications in other lightweighting-related sectors are also targeted; including energy, health care, defence and construction. The alliance is creating a unique inclusive business framework for exploring lightweight-driven market opportunities. The main players from established industries and research institutions can collaborate and facilitate activities to put the lightweight technologies into practice.
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