Open Calls

AMULET launched 2 Open Calls to select up to 50 Bottom-up Projects distributing more than 2 Million  € among them:

1st Open Call was launched on 12th April 2022 and lasted until 20th July 2022!
2nd Open Call was launched on 10th January 2023 and lasted until 27th March 2023!

AMULET launched each Open Call (OC) to select up to 36 Bottom-up Projects, from which up to 26 passed to the AMULET programme support services, and out of them, up to 7 will complete the full programme, following a funnel approach.

The funding instrument includes a lump-sum grant of up to 120,000€ per project (whereas SMEs individually may not receive more than 60,000€) for developing the solutions at demonstration scale and coaching sessions during and beyond their development. The total duration of support provided does not exceed 15 months per project and is divided into 3 stages: feasibility study, demonstration and follow-up support for innovation.

R&D demonstration projects targeting current sectoral challenges is developed to reach Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 7 starting from TRL 4-5, following a competitive-based approach. The demonstration projects target the current challenges at the EU level of the three types of lightweight materials (polymer-based composites, ceramic matrix composites, and light metal alloys) for four industrial markets: automotive, aerospace & aeronautics, energy and building.

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions! We are here to support your innovation!