Amulet coaching services for SMEs

We invite you to take advantage of the coaching service in the six lightweight cross-cutting areas:

  1. material supply and development;
  2. characterization and modelling aspects;
  3. design and smart functions;
  4. manufacturing (including digitalization and industry 4.0);
  5. assembly and joining;
  6. circular economy.

We provide free access to outstanding experts

The coaching activity consists of one-on-one meetings with one of our experts who can provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to develop new lightweight solutions within your company.

Our experts are specialized in technical and economic topics, ensuring that you receive tailored advice to address your specific needs and issues.

How to use it?

To apply for coaching activities, simply access the coaches’ directory on the ELCA platform and select the coach you would like to work with:

You can then contact them directly to schedule your coaching session(s) by clicking on “Contact coach”. We highly recommend starting off the collaboration with the coach by presenting the challenges you’re facing in your company and building together the calendar of sessions.