New ambassador in the AMULET Liaison Office!

Polish Cluster of Composite Technologies is our new member in the AMULET Liaison Office. 

Dr Andrzej Czulak represents The Polish Cluster of Composite Technologies (PKTK) and joined us as our ambassador.

Short description of the organisation:

The Polish Cluster of Composite Technologies (PKTK) is an organization that brings together enterprises, scientific units, and other entities operating in the field of composite technologies. Its main goal is to support the development and innovation of the composites industry in Poland. The cluster acts as a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience between representatives of science and business, which fosters technology transfer and the commercialization of research findings. PKTK is involved in efforts to optimize production processes, improve product quality, and introduce new, innovative solutions to the market.

PKTK also assists its members in establishing business contacts, accessing new markets, and obtaining funding for research and development activities. It organizes numerous workshops, conferences, and seminars, contributing to the enhancement of management and technical staff competencies and qualifications.

More information is available here: