New ambassador in the AMULET Liaison Office!

Strategic Research and Innovation Partnership Smart Cities and Communities (SRIP SC&C) is our new member in the AMULET Liaison Office. 

Short description of the organisation

Strategic Research and Innovation Partnership Smart Cities and Communities is a partnership where stakeholders join forces to develop and sell solutions to raise the quality of life in the cities of tomorrow.

The SRIP SC&C aims to bring together companies and research institutions in a particular field to form value chains, to prioritise development investments and to coordinate R&D activities. We are building a good support environment for knowledge and experience sharing in the form of workshops, seminars and joint events; we offer access to test environments, laboratories, and databases; assistance in market analysis, human resources development, intellectual property protection and internationalization assistance.

The SRIP SC&C currently has 73 members (March 2024) comprising 26 % micro-enterprises, 31 % small enterprises, 6 % medium-sized enterprises, 10 % large enterprises, 15 % faculties or institutes and 12 % municipalities or associations. The open-source online SRIP SC&C platform is available to SRIP SC&C members: Technology Casino and Solutions Market. In the Technology Casino, they can learn about and try out different technologies and platforms (playground) for developing innovative solutions in the field of smart cities and communities. They can share and promote their solutions in a common digital marketplace.

More information is available here: