AMULET project at INTEK, Brasov, Romania 9/11.04.2024

Last week, the AMULET project (The Advanced Materials & Manufacturing United Technologies for LightwEighT) participated in the Industrial Transformation Trade Show in Brasov, Romania, where we had the opportunity to highlight its impact on cross-sectoral value chains and industry innovation. We went there to promote training and coaching possibilities for the manufacturing sector and meet with industry leaders, the world’s best technology suppliers, and experts.

During the event we provided a speech on “Revolutionising Cross-Sectoral Value Chains: Unveiling the Impact of the AMULET Project on Innovation” that drew significant interest, underscoring the importance of our work. This event provided valuable insights into industry trends and opportunities for collaboration. Reflecting on our experience, we are optimistic about the future and remain committed to driving innovation in the manufacturing sector.