AMULET Liaison Office Workshop 11-12/04/2024 in BARCELONA

Recap of the AMULET H2020 Liaison Office Workshop in Barcelona

The vibrant city of Barcelona played host to a productive and enriching event – the AMULET H2020 Liaison Office Workshop, held on April 11-12, 2024. This two-day gathering brought together partners and AMULET H2020 Liaison Office members, fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and discussions around clustering initiatives.

A key highlight of the event was the exchange of experiences and expertise. Sharing valuable insights and best practices allowed participants to gain a deeper understanding of the H2020 landscape and explore potential avenues for collaboration within the AMULET network.

Diving into Cluster Policies

Day 1 featured in-depth workshops led by the esteemed Alberto Pezzi (ACCIÓ). These workshops delved into the intricacies of cluster policies in Catalonia, providing valuable knowledge for participants interested in exploring collaborative opportunities within the region.

The day was further enriched by engaging presentations from AMULET H2020 ambassadors. Their insights sparked thought-provoking discussions and facilitated a substantive exchange of knowledge among attendees.

A Glimpse into Innovation: Visiting Eurecat and Pangea Aerospace

Day 2 offered a unique opportunity for participants to visit Eurecat, the leading technology partner for companies in Catalonia. This visit provided valuable insights into Eurecat’s operations and opened doors for potential future collaborations in the technological sphere. The second visit scheduled for the day is a meeting at Pangea Aerospace, which is one of the finalists for the 2nd Open Call.