New ambassador in the AMULET Liaison Office!

CAPES, Cluster Of Applied Earth Sciences is our new member in the AMULET Liaison Office

 Short description of the organisation

The Cluster of Applied Earth Sciences is a hub in Central Europe for high tech companies and earth science laboratories, provides access to R&D&I capacity & state-of-the-art expertise in applied geoscience subjects, offering services and solutions in comprehensive areas, like:

Mining, raw material, hydrocarbon exploration;

Geothermal research;

Research activity related to radwaste disposal projects;

Environmental protection, consultancy, & management; R&D&I projects;

Education & training.

CAPES uniquely delivers integrated expertise based on the knowledge pull of our member companies representing the highest standards of geoscience discipline and well established practice. Our organization is a client oriented and inspiring hub of innovation driven companies, laboratories, universities and R&D&I centers. The overarching vision of the Cluster of Applied Earth Sciences is to provide comprehensive, fast and tailored services to our clients. We are committed to offering our clients quality, the best value on reasonable price. Currently CAPES consists 33 members; 22 SMEs, 9 Institutes & Universities. 2 Public bodies & Non-profits. CAPES is also an active partner of the GeoEnergy Europe (GEE), a European Union metacluster partnership aiming to contribute to the industrial deployment and market uptake of sustainable geo-energy.

More information is available here: CAPES – Cluster of Applied Earth Sciences