AMULET Liaison Office INFO DAY

The AMULET Liaison Office want to extend the AMULET network and its presence beyond the original regions.

AMULET’s liaison activities are mainly carried out with the European Lightweight Cluster Alliance (, the international reference network for lightweight construction. For more information about our AMULET Liaison Office, you can go to our website here.

Therefore, we organized an INFO DAY on September 28, 2023.

It was a great opportunity to get an insight about the AMULET Liaison Office with all the benefits of membership and a comprehensive presentation of the ELCA network. We joined forces with ELCA, Transport Research Arena and Revolution project to point out the benefits of establishing cooperation and participating in various activities of our projects.

Our Info Day rounded off by a presentation of the Transport Research Arena (TRA). This is the most important European conference on mobility. It is a unique opportunity to learn about trends in different parts of Europe and to benefit from the industry’s achievements.