AMULET 1st OPEN CALL Finalist – Stage 2

We are pleased to announce that we have AMULET 1st OPEN CALL finalists who have progressed from Stage 1 to Stage 2. All projects were very good, interesting and contributed a lot to AMULET, but only the best 8 could go to the next stage. As in every competition, the choice was difficult, but after hard work of all members of the AMULET team, external experts and, above all, projects teams, we selected projects that are ready to go to the Stage 2 Demontration.

The aim of Stage 2 is to carry out the technical work needed to validate the solution to the challenge, following the plan designed during the Feasibility study stage. This could include the manufacturing of prototype parts and components that could then be tested in order to get experimental data that supports the verification of the solution. In the framework of AMULET, simulation and modelling could be used as well for the validation of results. Indicative supported activities/ideas:

✔ Manufacturing of physical prototype parts and components

✔ Characterisation, simulation and modelling activities

✔ Prototype integration into the system

✔ Technical testing.

Below is the list of the finalists of the Stage 2: