More members join the AMULET Liaison Office!

Polish Construction Cluster is another member who joined the Amulet Liaison Office. 

Mr Mariusz Wasilewski represents The Polish Construction Cluster and joined as our ambassador!

Short description of the organisation:
The Polish Construction Cluster is an association of over 400 companies operating in the construction industry, whose headquarters are located throughout the country. In addition, the activities of Cluster are supported by universities and business environment institutions, which, thanks to R&D activities, help companies to develop their innovative potential and achieve a competitive, advantage in the local and international market. During the ten years of the Cluster’s operation, we have created a very successful model of cooperation, based on full, mutual trust, openness and constantly facing challenges that bring positive changes.

The main goal of The Polish Construction Cluster is to support business institutions, scientific units and the construction industry, including:

  • energy-saving construction,
  • a company implementing environmentally friendly investments,
  • a company investing in the development of technological potential and increasing competitiveness in the domestic and international markets.

More information is available here: