AMULET at K FAIR 2022 – Summary

The AMULET was represented by the POLYMERIS, during the Worlds No 1 Trade Fair for Plastic and Rubber in Dusseldorf, Germany!

During eight days, from Oct 19th to Oct 26th, Polymeris hosted a booth to welcome members and visitors. At the booth, POLYMERIS highlighted the European project AMULET, promoted the project to a large range of companies and presented AMULET services to SMEs.

POLYMERIS organized also an International Networking events on Oct 20th and 25th. It was an occasion to present the AMULET project. It was also an opportunity to promote the project to a large range of companies and present AMULET services to SMEs.

The K trade fair in Düsseldorf is not without reason considered to be the world’s most important meeting place for the entire plastics and rubber processing industry. It is here that exhibitors from all over the world come to demonstrate the efficiency and innovation of the industry and to actively set new directions for the future together with trade fair visitors. These clearly lead towards climate protection, the circular economy and digitalisation – and these are the three key themes of K 2022 declared by the industry community.