AMULET and SALIENT projects join forces to amplify European lightweight material uptake

Following the kick-off of several strategic alliances and partnerships, the AMULET and SALIENT Projects have signed a mutual collaboration agreement to establish a medium- and long-term strategy for successful cross-fertilisation and dissemination of results.

SALIENT stands for “Novel Concepts for SAfer LIghter, Circular and Smarter VehiclE Structure DesigN for Enhanced CrashworThiness and Higher Compatibility”. The main outcome of the Research & Innovation Project is several novel vehicle designs.

AMULET and SALIENT will be working together closely to reach as many stakeholders of the automotive sector as possible, ranging from SMEs to multi-national manufacturers and covering the entire value chain. To achieve this, the projects will cooperate specifically on shared activities, namely training support – in form of webinars, workshops, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and more – and the joint attendance of events, conferences, fairs and exhibitions.

A detailed plan for the dissemination & communication activities has already been established and will be implemented incrementally by both Project partners.

AMULET is looking forward to fruitful and inspiring cooperation!